Under the Sea Adventure

mermaid cakeThe seaweed is always greener, in soomebody’s elses’ lake (;merm isabella's mermaid cakeYou got your own style, now let it come through. And remember no matter what, you got to be you. -Sebastian mermaid cake side bottom viewHappy 6th Birthday Isabella!mermaid cake side view“Under the Sea”mermaid cake pops3Ariel Cake Pops!mermaid cake pops


13 thoughts on “Under the Sea Adventure

    1. Hello Lucy! The Ariel Head’s are actually home made! Utilizing special paper and my printer… luckily there is edible paper and special printers you can utilize. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of creativity and a printer (: Cheers!

  1. Hi!
    I over love the Ariel Cake balls. They came out very beautiful. Where did you find the picture? How could I place an order for the Ariel Cake balls?

    You are blessed with a beautiful talent!

  2. hi 🙂 i love your creations specially the tail how do you do it because i tryed doing it like a pop but it dint work :/

  3. Hi,
    There Ariel cakepops are absolutely adorable. How can j get some of those paper heads? Can I order from you? It doesn’t have to be eatable paper.

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