The Making of a Two Tier Baptism Cake :: Un Pastel de Bautismo de Dos Pisos

This is a basic step by step demonstration on how Cakes and More by Nora makes a two tier cake. Basic demonstration. :: Un ejemplo básico en como Cakes and More by Nora hace un pastel de dos pisos. (:the making of baptism cake 1Chocolate and Vanilla Baptism Cake! Begin with adding filling in between each tier. :: Primero agrego el relleno entre cada piso.

the making of baptism cake2Cakes and More likes A LOT of filling for a delicious flavor! :: Mas relleno, mas sabor!the making of baptism cake3Here is a side view of the first tier and the filling (yummm) :: Acabando el primer pis

the making of baptism cake4

It’s both Vanilla and Chocolate! Adding custom made frosting! (; :: Ahora tiempo del glasiado! (;the making of baptism5

Frosting complete! :: Completo!Baptism Cake

Sturdy two tier Cake! the making of baptism6

Complete! Julian and Sebastian’s Baptism. CONGRATULATIONS! :: Completo! Feliz Bautismo Julian y Sebastian!


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